Thursday, February 10, 2011

Polish Eagle Crest Tattoo

I designed this tattoo for Adam McLeod, who wanted a polish eagle tattoo to represent his heritage (Polish/Scottish) and reflect the recent passing of his grandmother and grandfather.
Adam wanted the tattoo to be placed on his right shoulder and upper arm (outside of the arm but with a belt or ribbon wrapping round the bicept to the inside of the arm).
Adam also wanted a shield that would have the 4 McLeod symbols on it (2 of 3 knights legs and 2 of castles)
And a belt or ribbon that is intertwined through the design with the family names of McLeod and Chocholek on it. He also asked that there could be a space for his kids names on the belt on the inside of his arm.

1 comment:

  1. That's awesome, i would love one, my grandfather was polish and im english, Loxley is my family name we have a blue and white heraldic knights helmet. Not sure of details. :/